Lap Trays

Lap trays are a convenient and useful way for you to be able to work with your laptop or other work wherever you are seated.  Laptops are a great example of the usefulness of lap trays.  Most laptops today get to be too hot to be comfortably held in ones lap.  The benefit of using a lap tray with a laptop is that you no longer have to worry about your legs becoming too warm from the computer fan.  Also it makes it even easier to have all of your work items in one place.  They can be easily set aside to move all kept neatly on the lap tray.

Lap trays are also very handy when a member of the family is sick and shouldn’t be up and about with other members of the household.  During times like these one can use the lap tray either for eating and snacks away from the family table, but also for activities to pass the time as one recuperates.  Lap trays make the perfect surface for coloring with crayons, drawing, writing, crossword puzzles and even reading.  You will find that the purchase of a lap tray will be one of the most useful items that you acquire as it makes almost any place into a good workplace or desk.

Many lap trays are also referred to as lap desks and when designed for children to use they can be made from plastic and are usually decorated with characters from cartoons or movies.  One of the handiest features I’ve seen in these lap desks are the compartments on each side of the tray that also act as it’s supports.  These compartments can store pens, pencils, crayons and markers and can really make the lap desk a fantastic portable work area.  Some companies will even customize these with a childs name on them.  These lap desks are great for long car trips as well because the children can now have a table to color at and draw.  For most parents I am sure they would appreciate having yet one more thing to help keep the children occupied on a trip!

There are also lap trays designed specifically for use with wheelchairs.  This can give those that may be confined to a wheelchair a more convenient way to work or eat.  These wheelchair lap trays are many times made so that they can strap to the arms of the wheelchair for stability.  As with the other types of lap trays they can be used for a wide variety of tasks.

Now lap trays can go by many different names.  They can be considered breakfast trays, serving trays, lapp toppers, bed desks, travel trays, even tv trays (I tend to think of the taller free standing trays as tv trays as they’re way to big to set in your lap.).  I always thought of them as breakfast in bed trays and believe me this can be a nice use for them!  Many lap desks and lap trays like this are designed to fold up for quick and easy storage, which is something that you should consider in your purchase.  Many trays that are made from molded plastic are designed to nest together instead of having legs that fold up.

One of the things I would focus on when looking for a lap tray to purchase would be the material it’s made from.  I would prefer something that is durable such as wood or perhaps a more durable hard plastic.  The thinner, cheaper plastic trays such as those made for children can be more fragile.  I would also consider how much surface area it has to work with.  It should be at least enough for a laptop and perhaps a notepad beside it.  In comparison it might also be good to consider whether or not there is enough room for a plate and glass if your goal is to be able to eat off of your tray.  You probably also want to consider whether or not the tray has legs to support it.  If there are no legs for the tray then it will be more like a cafeteria tray and may be difficult to work with due to the need to balance it in your lap.  My preference is for a lap tray with it’s own support legs.  I’ve found that this makes for a much more stable surface to work with.  (That’s a must if you’re using it as a breakfast tray!)